How to find the best Commercial Electrician in Toronto

In the same way that people have a regular doctor, dentist and lawyer, so should one have a regular plumber, handyman and commercial electrician. Rather than work with different people all the time, and never have an idea of what kind of service to expect, it’s better to build up a relationship with one person and / or company.

Finding the right Industrial and Commercial Electrical Services in Toronto can be tricky. There are a lot of electricians out there, but how do you know they are any good? Well, you need to do your research. When you are looking for an electrician, and it’s pretty nice to have a commercial and a residential electrician that you can trust, you should ask the following questions:

  • Do you have a licence?
  • Are you certified?
  • Can you give me some references?
  • Do you work 24/7, i.e. in emergencies.

An electrician has to have a licence or be certified. This means he or she must have gone to a trade school or similar to study how to become an electrician, and then done an apprenticeship. If your commercial electrician in Toronto cannot show you a certificate, chances are they are not certified or licensed and it would be better to find someone else. Electrics, as we know, can be dangerous, and it is vitally important that your circuits are legal, safe and in excellent working condition.

Once you have found a licensed electrician in Toronto, ask for references. You have every right to ask for references. You can or should be able to find references online too. We do understand that electricians all have to start somewhere and for all you know, you are their first client! But even so, get a reference from whoever they did an apprenticeship with. And if you are looking for a commercial electrician in Toronto, chances are the jobs you need are fairly big and it is probably better to wrok with a fairly big company.

Energie Group Electric have a team of residential and commercial electricians in Toronto who are licensed, certified, experienced, professional and reliable. Call them today.