Electricians in Toronto

Electricians in Toronto

Best Electricians in Toronto

In the same way, everyone has an opinion on who the best doctor, dentist, plumber, or handyman is in Toronto, everyone has an opinion on who the Electricians and Electrical Services in Toronto are too. People can have completely different experiences and it is, therefore, important that you do your own research when looking for a professional and reliable electrician.  Talk to your friends, talk to your colleagues, and most importantly, talk to and try out the electricians. You are perfectly within your rights to ‘interview your an electrician, and you are perfectly within your rights to ask for references, reviews and to see certificate and licenses.

Everyone needs an electrician. If you are a home-owner, then you know that electrics need maintaining, electrics need upgrades and of course, there are often electrical emergencies. Electrical circuits age, wiring gets loose and sometimes, electrical boards are overloaded. These are all fairly easy to fix, as long as they are fixed in good time. The best thing is to keep electrics maintained, rather than waiting for a crisis to happen

What to expect from Our electrician

Good service

There is nothing more frustrating that sitting on hold while you wait for your electrician to answer the phone. It’s 2020 and the best electricians in Toronto should give you an office number, a mobile number or emergency number, and allow you to book or make queries online. You also should expect them to answer the phone quickly, or to respond to your mails quickly. Sometimes it is better to work with a bigger company, one who has several electricians on their team, so that there is always somebody available for you.

Up to date licensing

Your electrician must be full trained, have an electrical circuit and belong to (or have their own electrical company) that follows the correct Canadian guidelines and laws. Each electrician should be able to present their license or certification to you on request. We would suggest you always check that the license is up to date.


There is no point in having a great electrician if he is never available. Most people need an electrician quickly and to sort out an electrical problem or emergency. If you cannot get hold of your electrician, or you need to make an appointment days or weeks in advance, you need to find another electrician.

A range of electrical services

Electrical work can be as little as changing a single light bulb to making all your light bulbs energy efficient, finding the problem in a circuit that causes constant trip switches, or painting or building an entirely new electrical circuit. Good electricians in Toronto will do a variety of electrical work, the good and the bad, the large and the small. As a customer, you should feel comfortable calling out your electrician to change the light in the bathroom or to quote you on a huge electrical job. Each job should be given the same professional attention.


Just like your doctor or dentist must always maintain his professionalism, so too must your electrician. He should arrive on time, assess the situation, tell you about the problem and offer you a solution. He should quote you and also answer any questions you may have, connected to the situation. Your electrician should do the job, tidy up after himself, and leave, ensuring you are understanding of what has been done, why it has been done and if there are any further steps to take.

You can contact Energie Group Electric in Toronto, the best electricians in Toronto, for all aspects of your electrical requirements, including emergency electrics.