Lighting Upgrades

Lightning is terrifying and you need to protect yourself and your home

Most new homes and offices in Toronto, when built and designed, will be built with lightning protection systems. If your system is old, or if you are unsure if you are protected as much as possible against a lightning strike, you should ask your Toronto electrician to have a look. While you may think the chances of a lightning strike are minimal, the truth is that many home fires start off with a lightning strike, and these fires could have been prevented.

When you get your home electrical system serviced or maintained, chat to your electrician about lightning protection. It’s possible you do have lightning protection already, perhaps a lightning rod or a specialised lightning protection system. You may however need lightning upgrades. Your electrician can come in and take a look at your system, ensure that your circuits and wiring are all in good order and that you do not have any faults. It is also through wiring faults that fires can start, so annual maintenance is vital.

If you are in the Toronto area, Dynamic Electric have teams of electricians for both residential, industrial and commercial properties, are fully licensed and well versed in all aspects of electrical work, electrical repairs, electrical maintenance and electrical safety. Contact them today and check if you are protected against lightning strikes or if you perhaps need a lightning conductor put in, or need lightning upgrades.

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