Electricians in Toronto,North York

Toronto Electricians

We are a team of professionals that would take care of all your residential and commercial electrical services, repairs, and emergencies ….¬†Electricians in North York,Toronto.


Area Of Work

Trouble Shooting

— Wiring and repairs, office and restaurant, Troubleshooting expert — Condo House Electrician
— House Potlight Installation — Electricity Theft Inspection

Repairing and Installation

— Knob and Tube Replacement — Knob & Tube Wiring Inspection
— Commercial Electrical Contractor — Condo and office pot light installation


— Service & Panel upgrade & installation— Helping Do It Yourself Pot Light Installers
— Install & operate emergency power generators— Toronto underground parking electrical contractor

Multistoried Wiring

— Store, Restaurant, Plaza & Plant Commercial Electrician
— Network, data, wiring, telephone, digital, coax & fiber wiring
— Home and property inspection. Insurance electrical inspections — Downtown old knob & tube removal
— Toronto Electrician is a fully licensed and insured electrical contractor service
— All our technicians are licensed electrician